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Why invest?

It is simply not possible for AZF to rewrite the future single-handedly. AZF needs continuous financial support in order to offer on-site support and live up to its long-standing commitments. Only then can the Foundation genuinely make a difference for people, animals, and nature. 

What distinguishes AZF’s projects from traditional nature conservation? 

UNIQUE, COMPREHENSIVE, ALL-ROUND APPROACH: AZF focuses not only on the endangered animal; it also considers its surrounding ecosystem: animal, people, nature, and the economy.

LONG-TERM ENGAGEMENT: AZF always adopts a concrete all-encompassing fifteen-year plan when embarking on a project.

FEET IN THE MUD: It is only through its physical presence at its projects, by literally working with its feet in the mud, that AZF can truly make a difference.

TOGETHER WITH THE LOCAL POPULATION: The human aspect plays a crucial role in how AZF operates. The involvement of and collaboration with the local population comprise the backbone of every conservation project.

Local government organisations are reviewing current legislation in close cooperation with AZF to meet the adopted targets. AZF advises on spatial planning, identifies the animals’ hotspots, and trains local teams. The win/win situation envisioned by AZF is based on the understanding that an endangered species can only be protected if the environment benefits from this as well.

All funds received by AZF are allocated entirely to the project on behalf of which they were granted. No fees are reserved for expensive overhead structures or administration. The KMDA (the Antwerp ZOO Society) is always involved: in addition to contributions made by various donors, it also places its resources at the disposal of the project.

AZF aims to preserve all the beauty this planet has to offer for the enjoyment of future generations, so that they can continue to be amazed by all these beautiful places where humans and animals live together in harmony. This is how it was always meant to be, and this is how it should be again. AZF is working to rewrite our future.

Together we can rewrite our future!

- Antwerp Zoo Foundation

Join us in rewriting our future!

Time to save biodiversity is running out. But it is not yet too late. Together, with your support, Antwerp Zoo Foundation can still turn the tide.